Sound East

Volunteer Roles

Sound East always welcomes new volunteers, we have a number of roles that might interest you. We have given details of the roles below, however if you would like further information please contact us.

Pouch Sorting:

Remove thumb drives from pouches
Remove protective caps
Reverse address labels ready for outgoing post
Sort pouches into alpha-numeric order and place in trays


This involves checking the pouches in the boxes against the register of listeners to make sure that every listener who qualifies (ie. Has an address label in the file box) has a pouch ready for dispatch, and marking register accordingly. Once this is done pouches are sorted as to Post Code - NR32 - NR33 - Others, and left ready for the copying team.


The copying team are responsible for ensuring the correctly recorded copies of the appropriate master thumb drives have been made, and that these, together with any magazine or newsletter drives prepared ready for distribution, are place in the pouches prepared by the registration teams for distribution to the listeners. They are further responsible for placing the sacks of filled pouches, correctly labelled, in the front porch ready for collection by the Postal Authorities.

The Recordist:

Recording is done using a laptop computer and the recordist is responsible for the quality of sound on the "master" recording, and for ensuring that the tracks are in the correct order. The editor should always be made aware of any circumstances that may be affecting the quality of the recording, but it is the editor's decision as to whether the recording should continue without further action being taken. It is the recordist's responsibility to ensure that the agreed signature tunes and end music are added to the News and Informer editions. At the completion of recording and checking, the recordist creates the master thumb drive for use by the copying teams.


The editor is responsible for the selection of the items from the Lowestoft Journal to be used at the weekly recording sessions and for seeing that these are presented correctly by the readers within the accepted standards that have evolved.


Readers are required to attend at 6.30pm for each session until around 8.15pm. They should be able to read clearly and fluently and take instructions from the editor and recordist. The ultimate decision as to suitability will come via the listeners!!